Airport International Group Incubates University Graduation Projects

Thursday, November 8, 2018

Amman, October 2018 - Underscoring its commitment to supporting youth and championing innovation, Airport International Group will commence the second cycle of the incubation of graduation projects of industrial engineering students, starting with the University of Jordan. The second cycle will kick off before end of year at Queen Alia International Airport (QAIA), further building on the resounding success of the first cycle, which began in October 2017 and ended in April 2018.

The collaboration aims to drive synergy and bridge the gap between education and business, enabling students to develop their skills by providing the technical training, support and consultation needed to put their projects into practice and prepare them to enter the job market. Furthermore, this partnership serves as a platform for sharing and generating the knowledge and experience essential for socioeconomic advancement in Jordan, while promoting a culture of entrepreneurship and innovation by enhancing manpower within the industrial arena, as well as giving rise to new ideas.

“We believe that the key to elevating the local entrepreneurial scene is fostering an environment that empowers students by broadening their set of expertise and accommodating their ideas and projects; and where better than Queen Alia International Airport for undergraduates to experience real-time operations and network with leading partners,” commented Kjeld Binger, CEO of Airport International Group. “Cooperation between universities and industries is vital for innovation as it transfers knowledge through the application of techniques and learnings, hence encouraging students to create products and services linked to their lines of business.”