Airport International Group Signs Agreement with the General Union of Air Transport and Tourism Workers

Monday, February 5, 2018

Amman, November 2017 – Reaffirming its commitment to its employees’ welfare and satisfaction, together with the General Union of Air Transport and Tourism Workers, Airport International Group recently signed the collective labor agreement for 2018-2019. The Agreement specifies the terms and conditions of its employees’ working environment and privileges, was inked by Union President, Yousef Qannab, and Kjeld Binger, CEO of Airport International Group.

The Union, during its meeting with the representatives of the Company, agreed to a number of new labor concessions, in accordance with the interests of employees and the Company alike. By virtue of the Agreement, workers were awarded a number of new employment privileges, including salary adjustments, a new and more functional dress code and amendments to the health insurance provided, in addition to the myriad of accommodating services already offered by the Company.

“Our partnership with the General Union of Air Transport and Tourism Workers plays a pivotal role in developing the aviation sector in the Kingdom. We at Airport International Group are aware of the importance of employee satisfaction in ensuring our success and maintaining QAIA as the Kingdom’s prime gateway to the world; therefore, we pay great attention to improving employees’ work environment, in addition to providing them with rewarding incentives, among other benefits. In turn, this will increase productivity levels and allows us to provide the best services to travelers at QAIA,” said Binger.

In turn, Qannab stated, “I extend my thanks to the management team at Airport International Group for the positive atmosphere that prevailed over the proceedings. We at the Union, are pleased to see the commitment the Company has towards meeting the requests of its employees. This reflects its firm belief in their employees’ active role in implementing established plans and its appreciation of their efforts in maintaining the high standing of the Company and its consistently superb performance.”

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