QAIA Welcomes 80,000 Passengers and 1,025 Flights during 'Huda' Snowstorm

Thursday, January 15, 2015

Airport International Group (AIG) - the Jordanian company responsible for the rehabilitation, expansion and operation of Queen Alia International Airport (QAIA) - welcomed between Tuesday 6 January and Sunday 11 January, 2015, at QAIA a total of 80,000 passengers and 1,025 flights, 516 of which were outbound and 509 were inbound aircraft movements.

Despite three severe snowstorms and sub-zero temperatures, QAIA maintained normal operations thanks to precautionary measures taken under AIG's emergency snow plan, with an average of 171 flights per day taking off and landing smoothly. The plan involved runway, apron, curbside and access road anti-icing procedures; a standby fleet of sweepers, snow ploughs and an anti-icing spreader; and around-the-clock availability of AIG's Operations & Maintenance Team, 75% of which was permanently mobilized on site to ensure that no disruptions were experienced at QAIA’s terminal, stands and runway.

Following official warnings against driving on Friday and Saturday evenings, 9 and 10 January, due to black ice on the roads, all transportation to and from QAIA, including the airport taxi service, was suspended until Airport Road was declared by authorities as safe for use the following mornings. At its own expense, and despite it not being part of global airport practice, AIG provided around 200 passengers, who had arrived on inbound flights and were unable to leave QAIA, with free transportation via shuttle bus to Airport Hotel where a dedicated hall was booked to accommodate them. In addition, AIG distributed approximately 250 complimentary meals to passengers who had opted to wait in the airport's luggage hall. All stranded passengers were able to leave the next morning once authorities had cleared Airport Road.

“We made sure to draw on past experiences and work as one with the Greater Amman Municipality, Ministry of Transport, Airport Security and Protection Directorate, Airport Civil Defense, Public Security Department and all other relevant authorities to prepare for this year’s snowstorm,” explained AIG CEO, Kjeld Binger. “For our part, we kept two shifts of Maintenance, Passenger Service and Duty Management teams active at the airport starting Tuesday evening when the storm first hit and until Monday morning to ensure smooth operations throughout this duration. I must say that I was truly impressed with and proud of the level of dedication, professionalism and diligence with which our teams handled the situation. Jordan can rest assured that its main aviation gateway is in safe hands.”

Binger went on to state that as cold weather conditions could persist in the coming days, AIG will continue to ensure that sufficient and qualified manpower is operating at all times to maintain airport activities. QAIA passengers are advised to check for schedule updates by contacting their airlines or calling QAIA at 064010250, and to proceed to the airport at least three hours ahead of their flights. QAIA personnel are available 24/7 to respond to enquiries and to provide the requested services in as timely a manner as possible.