Queen Alia International Airport Traffic Statistics Drop during First Quarter of 2020

Monday, April 27, 2020

Amman, April 2020: According to statistics released by Airport International Group, Queen Alia International Airport (QAIA) experienced a 21.1% decline in year-to-date passenger (PAX) figures following global travel restrictions to curb the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak. QAIA received a total of 1,518,069 PAX during the first three months of 2020, as well as recorded a 16.7% decrease in aircraft movements (ACM) and a 20.4% drop in cargo to reach 14,792 ACM and 18,006 tons, respectively.

The significant reduction in PAX, ACM and cargo figures was driven largely by the COVID-19 pandemic, which continues to reduce airline activity and hinder the local, regional and global aviation sectors. On Tuesday 17 March, 2020, the Government of Jordan ordered the temporary suspension of commercial passenger flights through QAIA - with the exception of cargo, evacuation, emergency medical supply and maintenance flights. Given the mandatory restriction of operations, QAIA received 249,445 PAX, witnessed 2,905 ACM and handled 3,763 tons of cargo during March - representing declines of 63.1%, 52.9% and 55.4%, respectively - compared with the same month last year.

Meanwhile, in February, QAIA had welcomed 588,833 PAX, demonstrating a 0.8% decline in year-on-year figures, as well as registered a 2.9% increase in ACM and a 1.0% decrease in cargo to settle at 5,682 ACM and 7,066 tons, respectively.

“As the monthly figures clearly show, the ripple effect of the COVID-19 travel constraints started back in February, when countries worldwide began limiting or suspending flights to and from certain destinations. Paired with the decision to close QAIA for health and safety reasons, national air travel has been severely affected, and traffic statistics for the first quarter reflect that, with March’s year-on-year passenger figures going down by approximately two thirds,” commented Airport International Group CEO, Nicolas Claude. “Despite these unfavorable results, we are committed to working closely with the Government of Jordan, airlines and stakeholders, as well as with relevant local and international authorities, to ensure QAIA resumes its activities in stringent compliance with set preventive measures to safeguard our passengers, employees and the nation at large, whose health and safety remain a top priority.”

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