Service Quality

Satisfying Our Customers

At Queen Alia International Airport, we commit to ensure high levels of customer satisfaction, and to understand the voice of our customers to help us fulfill their needs and exceed their expectation.

Customers are welcome to submit their complaints/ comments through the following channels and we promise to take it into serious consideration:

  • Comment cards: Our comment card boxes are distributed inside the terminals buildings
  • Our Website through the feedback tab. click here
  • E-mail:
  • P.O. Box 39052 Amman 11104
  • Fax: 0096264453444
  • Phone Call: +962 6 5002777

All comments/complaints will be objectively handled by the relevant department and followed up by the quality department at Airport International Group.

In case a third party is involved, Airport International Group role ends by forwarding it to the concerned third party for their actions and their direct reply to you.

After receiving your comments, Airport International Group commits to acknowledge receiving it, providing you with initial answer within 21 days from receiving it and allowing you to know about the status of the procedures at any time at your request.