Environmental, Social, Health and Safety Requirements for Contractors and Investors


As the operator of Queen Alia International Airport (QAIA), Airport International Group is firmly committed to ensuring a safe and healthy environment for passengers, workers, visitors, contractors, and nearby communities. Accordingly, Airport International Group has prepared the 'Environment and Safety Handbook' - which outlines the guidelines for safe and environmentally-friendly work practices - to be used as a reference for the suppliers, contractors, and investors selected to work at QAIA. 


The handbook may be downloaded here

In addition to the handbook, Environment, health and Safety Training materials has also developed to aware the contractors of the common work hazard at the site & the safety control measures to follow it.


To access to the training materials, click here​


Airport International Group has also developed the 'Environmental, Social, Health and Safety Plan for Construction Works' to raise awareness on safe work practices among contractors and investors assigned to perform construction works on QAIA premises.


The plan may be downloaded here. ​​