Queen Alia International Airport and Royal Jordanian Airlines to Trial Test Amadeus Biometric Solutions on Select Flights

Queen Alia International Airport and Royal Jordanian Airlines to Trial Test Amadeus Biometric Solutions on Select Flights


Amman, February 2022: Airport International Group announced that, in February 2022, Queen Alia International Airport (QAIA) - in collaboration with Royal Jordanian Airlines (RJ) and pioneering travel technology company Amadeus - will begin trial testing Amadeus Biometric Solutions on select RJ flights to Istanbul.


The advanced biometric technology was built for airports by airport specialists and involves a facial recognition service installed on select QAIA self-check-in kiosks and at boarding gates. By testing the Amadeus technology, both QAIA and RJ aim to improve the passenger experience, raise passenger handling capacity, boost automation, improve overall airport operations and, given the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, offer passengers partaking in this trial test peace of mind as they enjoy a touch-free airport journey. 


“With airports worldwide shifting towards such transformational technologies, we welcome the initiative of Amadeus to pilot biometric solutions on select Royal Jordanian Airlines flights, at QAIA. As the operator of QAIA, we are keen to assess the conditions for future deployment of such technologies at Jordan's prime gateway to the world and remain up to speed on future travel requirements, so we can present to passengers a faster and more streamlined contactless journey," commented Airport International Group CEO, Nicolas Claude.


Royal Jordanian Airlines Vice Chairman/CEO, Samer Majali, said: “We are thrilled to try Amadeus' biometric check-in solution that improves customer service, makes the flying experience more hassle free and ensures safer travel during the current pandemic. Our endeavor to make travelers' airport experience as smooth and as safe as possible is made possible by our longstanding partnership with Airport International Group. It is with pride that we carry out our role of national carrier of Jordan, and connect it with the rest of the world."


Yannick Beunardeau, Vice President Airport IT, EMEA, Amadeus, added, “By trialing biometrics across the entire passenger experience, Royal Jordanian Airlines, Queen Alia International Airport and its operator Airport International Group are setting the standard for innovation. We believe this technology yields maximum benefit for passengers and the industry when it is implemented at every service point."


He continued, “Check-in and boarding are becoming automated experiences, and the addition of biometrics means passengers are no longer asked to continually show boarding passes or passports. It's a drastic improvement in the passenger experience, and I expect the vast majority of airports to move in this direction."


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