AIG makes substantial headway in the renovations of QAIA’s warehouses

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

AIG recently announced that it has made substantial headway in the essential renovations targeting QAIA's primary warehouses, which constitute a fundamental element in the airport's supply chain operations.

Initiated in 2007 shortly after AIG assumed responsibility for the airport, the renovation efforts are part of AIG's long-term strategy for QAIA, which seeks to transform the airport into a niche regional air transport hub. The renovations targeted core aspects of the logistics infrastructure, including storage space, layout design, processes reengineering, Supply chain technology implementation and inventory management

"This initiative serves as an elemental aspect of our ongoing development of QAIA's internal operations," commented AIG's CEO Kjeld Binger. "QAIA's warehouses are used consistently to store a variety of systems & equipment, including mechanical, electrical, IT and infrastructure equipment, to name but a few. These renovations will help us streamline and expedite QAIA's operations, which will have a perceptible positive impact on the overall experience of both passengers and partners."

Key elements of the renovation process included full reengineering of warehouses infrastructure; the installation of new racking mechanisms; the implementation of high tech fire alarm and firefighting systems; the implantation of auto replenishment application, data capturing and automatic identification devices ;. Other essential renovations included the installation of new surveillance system "automated access and CCTV systems", safer mechanisms for storing expensive and hazardous materials storage practices, and new equipment for packaging and handling material.

Binger explained that these renovation efforts are scheduled to conclude in time for the launch of QAIA's new terminal in 2013, adding that the reengineered warehouses will play a crucial role in the planned transition to the new terminal. He also noted that these renovations will serve the Jordanian government and people even after the conclusion of the 25-year concession agreement signed between AIG and the government of Jordan.

AIG is investing an estimated US $750 million to construct the landmark new terminal - now 89 percent complete - which will serve as a source of pride and prosperity for all Jordanians. This terminal will significantly increase the airport capacity to 9 million passengers annually, nearly tripling the current airport capacity of 3.5 million passengers annually. Future expansions will allow the airport to reach a capacity of 12 million passengers a year. AIG has also spent US $100 million on rehabilitating and improving the existing terminals to enable the airport to handle the continuous growth in passenger traffic.