CSR & Sponsorship

Airport International Group believes that its relationship with society and the community which it is part of is very important. Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is not simply a collection of words on our website, but an integral part of how we conduct business, make day-to-day decisions and set our priorities. As the bar for CSR continues to rise, we are pushing our efforts forward to make sure that our commitment to continuous improvements is realized in all areas of CSR.
Sponsorship of the Women’s Al-Ahli Club Handball Team
Airport International Group is the proud sponsor of Al-Ahli’s handball women’s club, which won the first place in the Jordanian Women’s’ Handball tournament in 2012.
Airport International Group supports KHCF Stars initiative
Airport International Group & the King Hussein Cancer Foundation (KHCF) signed a MoU, in which Airport International Group will provide support to the KHCF Stars initiative.
This initiative, launched in 2011, provides local corporations and organizations the opportunity to be a model of corporate social responsibility and the chance to support a critical cause that is important to us all; the fight against cancer.
Sponsorship of Jordanian Table Tennis Champion
Airport International Group sponsored Jordanian table tennis champion Mohammad Tayyem in the Korean Open 2011 for Persons with Disabilities.
Mohammad Tayyem is a champion table tennis player who has represented Jordan in many sports events around the world. Tayyem was the victor at the Kingdom Championship in 1998, the Jordan Universities Championship in 2000, the Jordan Cup in 2003 and 2007, and the France Open Tournament in 2010.
Support of Al-Aman Fund
In support of the underprivileged segment, Airport International Group purchased in 2010 700 rosaries made by the beneficiaries of Al-Aman Fund that supports orphans. The rosaries were given as gifts to VIPs and Airport International Group employees during the events held by the Group in celebration of the holy month of Ramadan. This contribution stems from Airport International Group's belief in the role of companies and institutions in supporting the Kingdom's youth, particularly orphans, in building their future and achieving their goals.
Free Medical Day
Airport International Group organized in 2010 a free medical day in the nearby community of Jizah aimed at providing free medical services to the Airport's local and neighboring community. More than 150 Jizah residents were treated at clinics set up in the Community Centre for Rehabilitating People with Disabilities.
Anti-Smoking Campaign
Airport International Group sponsored an event announcing the implementation of the Government’s Public Health Law, which prohibits smoking in public places. Furthermore, Airport International Group was one of the first organizations in Jordan to apply the smoking ban in public buildings and it has been one of the top priorities of Airport International Group since assuming the operation of Queen Alia International Airport. The new government regulations have been a welcome support to the initiative.
Airport International Group partnered with renowned pharmaceutical company Pfizer and the Ministry of Health in Jordan to organize an awareness campaign geared towards the airport's passengers and visitors, by distributing flyers on the dangers of smoking and the most viable ways for renouncing the habit.
Blood Donation Campaign by Airport International Group Employees
Airport International Group arranged for two blood donation days to encourage its employees to help those in need and keep them healthy. A significant number of blood units were donated by employees from across the Company's divisions. This participation comes as part of Airport International Group’s commitment towards the Jordanian society.
Sponsorship of the Union Education Fund
Airport International Group contributed to the Union Education Fund that is offered to the children of those who work in the transport sector. This initiative, which took place in 2009 is directly linked to the criteria of an internship program at Airport International Group upon the students’ graduation. In addition, it mirrors Airport International Group’s recruitment strategy of attracting, recruiting and retaining high caliber employees.
Sponsorship of Al-Ahliyah School Little League Basketball Team
Airport International Group recognizes the importance of supporting young athletes and honing their skills as it plays a role in shaping their future and the development of sports in Jordan. Therefore, Airport International Group sponsored Al-Ahliyah School for Girls’ little league basketball team.