Airport International Group Foundation

Airport International Group Foundation (AIGF) was established in 2019 and officially launched in 2021 to serve as the executive arm of Airport International Group's philanthropic activities. From its base at the 'Hirfati' Training Center (which translates into 'My Craft') in Al Jizah - the area where QAIA is located - AIGF executes numerous projects, programs, and courses that align with the needs of nearby communities.


Supporting the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDG), AIGF operates within three key areas:


Youth EmpowermentUnderprivileged Community DevelopmentEnvironment




  • AIGF Partners


AIGF collaborates with local NGOs to ensure its activities are delivered in a timely and professional manner - namely:


  • Al‐Maydan for Community Services

A local NGO that executes projects across Jordan

  • Arab Group for the Protection of Nature (APN)

An independent NGO concerned with environment and natural resource conservation across the Arab World




  • AIGF Projects and Courses


YearDescription Number of Beneficiaries
  • Rehabilitated the 'Hirfati' Training Center under Al Jizah Municipality


  • Kicked off 3 vocational training programs in mobile phone maintenance, barbering and hairdressing


36 young men and women



  • Rehabilitated 1 football field and 2 schools in Al Jizah


  • Expanded training programs to include tailoring, cooking, videography, photography,  hybrid car maintenance, sustainable agriculture and hairdressing courses


76 young men and women



  • Offered football training for children from Al Jizah
  • Graduated 35 students from three vocational courses tailoring, Videography, photography, and hairdressing. 


60 children

35 Students ​

  • Launched a project to plant 1,000 trees for disadvantaged families within the neighboring community


  • Graduated 171 students from three vocational courses Tailoring, cooking, ICDL, intermediate English and web and digital design courses.



On going​
  • ​Airconditioning Course, Intermediate English Course, Hair Dressing and Barbering Courses, Literacy and ICDL




  • Board of Directors


Omar Masri

AIGF Chairman


Nicolas Claude

AIGF Vice Chairman

Airport International Group CEO


Jad Hreibe

AIGF Board Member

Meridiam Senior Investment Director


Loic Briand

AIGF Board Member

Groupe ADP Deputy Director of Operations and CSR Referent


Dr. Fawaz Al Zu'bi

AIGF External Board Member 


Zahia Na'san

AIGF Director

Airport International Group CSR, Marketing and Communications Director


Hazem Khirfan

AIGF Secretary and Board Member

Airport International Group Legal, Compliance and Ethics Director





“Seeing so many capable youth benefit from our training programs and courses has been heartening, especially as graduates move on to establish their own businesses, secure employment and apply their newly learned professional skills to advance their communities. We cannot wait to build on these successes and cater to new groups of aspiring young individuals in our upcoming initiatives." - AIGF Chairman, Omar Masri​