CSR Pillars

As a subsidiary of the global airport network of Groupe ADP, Airport International Group shares the goal of building a sustainable, responsible and cooperative airport industry that creates value for various stakeholders. Drawing on the longstanding expertise of Groupe ADP, Airport International Group has demonstrated its commitment to the five main CSR pillars below:


Airport International Group seeks to support youth by providing vocational and soft skills training that enhance their capacities, enrich their knowledge and help them secure better futures - in partnership with national organizations and in line with local community requirements - with special emphasis on women empowerment. 


Airport International Group adopts a proactive approach regarding environmental management and addressing climate change, with a focus on embracing green operations, mitigating CO2 emissions and reducing electricity consumption, whilst conducting various initiatives aimed at conserving the environment.



Airport International Group recognizes that its employees are a fundamental pillar of its operations and is committed to building their careers, enhancing their skills and lending equal opportunities for women and individuals with special needs, while positioning their health and safety as a top priority.



Airport International Group is dedicated to fostering a culture that leverages stringent ethics and compliance policies and procedures, extending to its employees periodic training on the matter, while ensuring that suppliers and other parties involved in its diverse operations follow the same standards.



In line with Groupe ADP's policy, Airport International Group seeks to build lasting and trustworthy relationships with suppliers, vendors and companies in order to encourage them to, in turn, implement sustainable, responsible and supportive procurement practices for QAIA. Supporting local stakeholders and vendors will also be developed along the progress of this procurement CSR strategy. ​