Service Quality​

​​Satisfying Our Customers
At Queen Alia International Air​port, we are committed to ensuring the highest levels of customer satisfaction. As such, customers are encouraged to submit their comments and suggestions through any of the following channels:

Comment Cards (available at the comment card boxes distributed throughout Queen Alia International Airport)
PO Box: 39052 Amman 11104
Social Media:  Facebook  Twitte​​​r

Kindly note that your comments will be treated in a confidential manner, handled objectively and followed up on by the relevant department as per Airport International Group (AIG) policy. However, Airport International Group (AIG) shall not bear responsibility in the event of any third party's disclosure of the divulged information and/or any judicial order or legal request to disclose the same.

If submitted comments involve a Concerned Third Party, the role of Airport International Group (AIG) shall be limited to forwarding the comment along to the Concerned Third Party for their actions and their direct reply to the Customer.
If requiring further action, the Customer shall accordingly liaise with The Concerned Third Party.
'Concerned Third Party' refers to any party other than Airport International Group (AIG).

Upon request AIG commit to inform the Customer of the status of the procedures taken regarding their remarks, if available.​​​