Integrated Management System


Integrated Management System (IMS)


The IMS integrated various activities across the board under one cohesive framework to effectively achieve set objectives and ensure continuous improvement throughout QAIA.


In 2009, we successfully obtained three ISO certifications:


  • ISO 9001 for quality management systems
  • ISO 14001 for environmental management systems
  • ISO 10002for quality management - customer satisfaction guidelines for complaints handling in organizations

In 2014, we secured a fourth certificate - namely BS OSHAS 18001 Occupational Health and Safety - within the same year.


Since 2018, our Quality and Safety Department has been working on renewing our ISO-certified functions across all departments, as per the Reciprocal Easement and Operating Agreement, which mandates ISO certifications for quality, environmental, occupational health and safety management, as well as customer complaints handling.


In 2020, we renewed our existing ISO certificates and ISO-certified our divisions, as well as became encompassed under the IMS by SGS Jordan; a global inspection, verification, testing and certification leader headquartered in GenevaSwitzerland.

IMS Policy ​